Short Film Competition



1. The duration of the short films submitted for the contest must not exceed 12 minutes.

2. The title of Short Film must only be in Tamil.

3. The short film must be uploaded to external storage systems like YouTube, Vimeo or DropBox.  The access link (URL) from the pertinent external storage system must be furnished in the application form.  Submitted short films cannot be altered thereafter. 

4. If in case the short film has been submitted in other film festivals or competitions, the list of such competitions/festivals must be provided in the application form along with prizes/awards won, if any.

5. Only films produced between June 1st, 2016 to May 31st, 2017 are eligible for the competition.

6. All the copyrights responsibilities rests with the producer or the director or the person who submits the film as the case may be.  FeTNA has no stake in it.

7. In case of any litigation, neither FeTNA nor the members of the Jury would be held responsible.

8. The short films submitted for the contest must engage with themes that address Tamil culture — any of the topics related to heritage, literature, language, art, traditions, social issues specific to the community or the diaspora, conflicts between tradition and modernity, acculturation and alienation, inter communal/racial/religious marriage, etc.. These topics are only suggestions; the subject could be Tamil in any broad sense—the only requirement is the film must address the theme in a substantial way.

9. Entries which are produced specifically for the FeTNA competition would be given preference.

10. Entries which are not yet released are very welcome.

11. The list of selected films would be announced on FeTNA’s website, social media and sent to popular media sites for maximum publicity.

12. The jury’s decision is final and binding.

13. Some selected films may be shown as special screenings though they may not be part of the competition.

14. Prize winners would receive a bank cheque mailed to the mailing address in the NAME provided in the application form.  The name and mailing address provided in the application form is final and can it not be modified after the application form has been submitted.  

15.  The deadline for submitting application forms is May 31, 2017.

16.  Reward:  The First prize award is for $1000.  The Second prize award is for $500 each.  There would be 2 Third prize awards for $250 each. Three short-films will be awarded with Jury Special Awards certificate.

17. The participants must provide their legal names to receive prize money and must agree to these rules.

Short Film Submission Page:- Click Here